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ISZL Sustainability Initiatives

Carbon Negative and Zero Waste by 2023

Building on the theme of YFS 2019 - Understanding Our World - Sustaining Our Future, the YFS Innovation Team has begun taking steps to direct the attention of the ISZL community to actively reducing our institution’s environmental impacts. We have identified that the two areas of greatest environmental impact are our carbon footprint and waste streams. As such the team has developed two separate initiatives to help us achieve our goals of becoming the first school in the world to become carbon-negative and zero waste by 2023.


Carbon Credit Fund


The YFS Innovations Team in partnership with MyClimate is launching the Carbon Credit Fund, a platform for individuals, families and school trips within our community to offset their own carbon footprints through ISZL projects. The aim of the fund is to provide the resources for a local bog, carbon sink, and outdoor education area near Rotkreuz and international projects such as a proposed ISZL forest in Rwanda.


Carbon Reduction Initiative

Students working on a lighting audit

Students working on a lighting audit

Based on a MyClimate study conducted in 2015, we know ISZL produces approximately 3000 tons of CO2 each year. We aim to neutralize our emissions by 2022 and become the first carbon-negative school in the world by 2023.

We plan to achieve these through three project types; reduction projects to limit the CO2 produced on site, substitution projects designed to install more efficient renewable energy technologies on our campuses, and finally offset our remaining footprint through our own ISZL Offset Projects.


Zero Waste Initiative


Following YFS 2019, we have begun to analyze ISZL’s existing waste streams, and we are currently developing a plan to begin to eliminate these in series. In the coming months, we plan to develop methods to significantly reduce food waste on campus and begin a textbook resale program to begin to eliminate our annual paper wastage. We have also collaborated with the Parents Association to support the first ‘Zero Waste’ International Day, something we hope to make a guiding principle for all school events.