Youth Forum Switzerland

Youth Forum Switzerland Series Events

The Youth Forum Switzerland Series is a curated sequence of authentic and interactive learning experiences created by students for students.

The YFS Series events allows members of the ISZL community to Explore topics connected to our annual theme and Connect with different perspectives on important issues. These events aim to Inspire audiences to take action and make a difference in their local communities.

The YFS Team’s aim is to ensure that the Youth Forum Switzerland is more than just a one day experience for youth and to engage them in prevalent global issues. This is accomplished by offering a blend of student panel discussions, guest speakers and interactive workshops throughout the school year.

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YFS Series Event #3

Our second YFS event of the 2018/19 season unpacked the current state of Democracy worldwide, and how sustainable the system of government will be in the coming decades. Our world is undergoing rapid change. With climate change, mass migration, fake news, and resurgent nationalism on the rise, are our political systems and ideas up for the challenge?

A panel of 6 students from AP and IB politics classes debated and discussed these questions in front of the 11th and 12th grades, on a panel moderated and prepared by students and teachers from the YFS series team. The 40-minute panel was followed by 15 minutes of questions from the audience, directed to the student panel.


YFS Series Event #2


In order to expand upon the existing format of the Youth Forum the Innovations Team created an interactive event for our Grade 9 and 10 students. The experience included workshops on climate change action with MyClimate, the viewing and discussion of an award-winning film Anote's Ark on the effect of climate change on island peoples and a MEDAIR Refugee Simulation which places the students into the shoes of a family on the run.


YFS Series Event #1

Our first YFS Series event of the 2018-19 season tackled the issue of Free Speech. In an era dominated by fake news, universal truths seem more elusive than ever; freedom of expression is firmly under the microscope.

Our panel comprised: Pedro O. (G9) Liya B. (G11) Isaac G. (G11) Zhi-Feng O. (Alumni) Mr. McCowan (Faculty)  Student moderators: Bee F. (G10) Tao S. (G10)

Our panel comprised: Pedro O. (G9) Liya B. (G11) Isaac G. (G11) Zhi-Feng O. (Alumni) Mr. McCowan (Faculty)

Student moderators: Bee F. (G10) Tao S. (G10)

On the 18th of June 2018, the YFS Team organized a student and faculty panel discussion focused on questions including:

  • How free is Free Speech?

  • What does Free Speech really mean?

  • Should people be able to say what they want, when they want?

  • Do people have a legal right to be offended?

The discussion was supported by breakout sessions facilitated by the YFS Team who led fellow students through a detailed investigation into this highly relevant topic.